Board of Directors


Board of Directors composition


In accordance with Viohalco’s Articles of Association, the Board of Directors is composed of minimum five members and maximum fifteen members.  As of 29 November 2018, the Board of Directors comprises fifteen members:


President of the board of Directors, non executive Director

Nikolaos Stassinopoulos, 2018-2019


Chief executive officer, executive Director

Evangelos Moustakas, 2018-2019  


Vice-President, executive Director

Jacques Moulaert, 2018-2019


Other executive Directors

Michail Stassinopoulos, 2018-2019

Ippokratis Ioannis Stassinopoulos, 2018-2019

Jean Charles Faulx, 2018-2019


Non executive Directors

Xavier Bedoret, 2018-2019

Marion Steiner Stassinopoulos, 2018-2019

Margaret Zakos, 2018-2019


Non executive, independent Directors

Francis Mer, 2018-2019

Thanasis Molokotos, 2018-2019

Efthimios Christodoulou, 2018-2019

Kay Breeden, 2018-2019

Kalliopi Tsolina, 2018-2019

Astrid de Launoit, 2018-2019