Elval won the 1st prize in the 3rd Competition for Applied  Research and Innovation “Greece Innovates”


Elval, with its innovative product Elval grain, has won the 1st prize in the 3rd Competition for Applied Research and Innovation “Greece Innovates” which has been co-organized by the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises and Eurobank EFG. The award ceremony took place on Tuesday, February 23, 2016, at the Centre of Culture “Hellenic World», in Athens. Mr. Lambros Varouhas, General Manager of Elval, received the prize on behalf of the company. 
The awarding of Elval in the 3rd Competition for Applied Research and Innovation “Greece Innovates”, proves that a Greek company can be highly competitive on an international level and manufacture products of high quality and innovation, which have gained customers’ trust and are successful in the global market. 
Elval developed this new product, responding to the needs of refrigerator truck manufacturers, for moving cargo on high strength aluminium floors. Elval grain is a particularly innovative idea for the manufacturing of aluminium sheets, which are produced in a single length up to 13.5 meters, with a specially-designed embossed surface and specifications for perfect bonding with the body of the refrigerator trucks. Elval grain sheets are superior in terms of manufacturing, since not only they provide increased antiskid properties during cargo movement but also stand out for their high mechanical properties and long life. In addition, due to the specific pattern on the surface of the sheets, significant noise reduction is achieved during loading and unloading pallets with forklifts, while at the same time they are easier to clean with water. It is worth mentioning, that Elval grain, as regards its manufacturing process, is pioneering and environmentally-friendly, while its use is also human-friendly.
Elval’s mission is to seek continual technological development and improvement of its equipment, placing great emphasis in the creation of innovative and value-added aluminium products and solutions. The company invests in equipment of the latest technology for the manufacturing of its products, which brings value to its customers and highlights in the best possible way the innovative ideas of its excellent, highly-trained human capital. Elval grain is registered in the European Patent Office.
The participation and award of the company in the 3rd competition for Applied Research and Innovation contributes to it’s the promotion of innovative ideas and creates incentives for young scientists and entrepreneurs.
February 2016