Corinth Pipeworks received the “Export Excellence”  award in “Made in Greece” awards 2015

The “Export Excellence” award was given to Corinth Pipeworks from the Greek Marketing Academy during the “Made in Greece” award ceremony. The “Made in Greece” awards institution was organized for the second time by the Greek Marketing Academy and is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) and the Panhellenic Exporters Association (PEA).
The award for Corinth Pipeworks in the “Export Excellence” category, in which the company participated, was based on the following evaluation criteria:
  • Amount and development of exports over time, in absolute terms and in proportion to domestic turnover. 
  • Duration of export effort.
  • Stage of internationalization and strategies for penetration in foreign markets.
  • Future export planning.
  • Degree of participation of Greek production factors (labor, facilities, raw materials, inputs) and degree of Greek added value. 
The “Made in Greece” awards event takes place every two years. A large number of companies participate in the institution, organized in eight categories, with awards, distinctions and honors given in each category.
  • Export Excellence Award 
  • Greek Branded Product Award
  • Innovative Product Award
  • Industrial Excellence Award
  • Agricultural Excellence Award
  • Technological Excellence Award
  • Business Excellence Award
  • Startup Production Excellence Award
The “Export Excellence” award comes as an acknowledgement of Corinth Pipeworks’ longstanding effort in exporting steel pipes for gas and oil pipelines, as well as its achievement in reaching export rates of 93-95% for a number of years. 
Corinth Pipeworks is the supplier of choice for all major oil and gas companies and international contractors, in more than 40 countries. Its investments exceed EUR 250 million from 1998 until today. 
Indicatively, it should be noted that the steel pipes supplied by the company in the last 15 years can cover half the Earth’s perimeter. Corinth Pipeworks’ export orientation contributes to reinforcing employment, especially in local communities, as well as supporting the Greek economy. 
The main characteristics of the long lasting export success are the overall high quality of its products and services and the trust gained with consistency all these years from its clients. 
The company’s main priority is to achieve customer satisfaction and to this end it scores high ratings in the annual customer satisfaction survey. 
With a history of nearly half a century and a dynamic strategy for development, differentiation and entrance in new markets and applications, Corinth Pipeworks can and does see the future with optimism and confidence.  
December  2015